November 26, 2005

Giving Thanks

A happy post-Thanksgiving to everyone, and hope that a safe and happy holiday was had by all.

Ours was safe..and happy, and we've returned home safe and sound.

We were supposed to leave Thursday, to my aunt and uncle's hotel, for the night. On Wednesday, it became suddenly clear that Mother Nature was going to show her face and put a foot of snow on the ground Wednesday night. So we packed frantically, as parents of small children will do, and loaded kids, Grandma, ourselves, and our pile of suitcases into the car. I was glad we left when we did, because the snow did come, but once there, I was so very grateful for the snow.

Since my older daughter, born in January, was just not quite two last Christmas, she seems to have a vague recollection of winter, but still has that unbridled amazement in her eyes when she sees snow. Our hotel room (as they all do at this hotel) looked out over a huge yard that slopes into wetlands that meets a gorgeous inland waterway. As she stood on our balcony, watching the snow fall, that excitement of the first snowfall came back to me. It is so much fun to watch her experience things, and to see them as brand new again.

That day, and the next, and the next, we took her out to play in the snow. First she just tromped through it, then she baked pies and turkey in it for us to eat, then she decided to make a "cave." I asked her if she was glad that it snowed and she said, "Oh Mama, I am very glad."

Later that night, as I rocked her restless baby sister to sleep after midnight, I could see the snow falling again in the dark. The lights from the lodge lit it up, and it actually looked like stars, falling through the night sky. It's just impossible to have anything but warm, gentle thoughts when the first snow falls, and you are together with family for a holiday.

It really was a lovely holiday.

The meal did not tempt me too much, and I was worried about having a gallbladder attack, so I really ate light. I could not pass up the biscuits and gravy, so I had a few of those, and some white turkey. What was funny, was the next day we went to my brother's house, and my sister in law made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. THIS, I could not pass up and wolfed down the sandwich before she could put it in front of me. Then a bowl of cookie dough ice cream with whipped cream no less.

And guess what was on the scale this morning?

Two pounds lost. I guess sometimes you have to eat to lose weight.

So, I'm back on track today, and back to logging my meals, though I really don't have time for it. It keeps me honest, and on track, so I'm going to really make an effort to do so.


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