November 30, 2005

Mush for Brains

That's what I feel like I have. Maybe not that extreme, maybe a nice, fluffy cotton candy, that's what my skull is protecting. My neurons just have not been firing too well as of late.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, with both girls. I add that on as a qualifier, because if you've ever been grocery shopping with an almost 3 year old and a baby, you'll know that it's not easy to be focused on groceries. Whenever I can grocery shop by myself, I take my sweet time, lingering over the clearance racks, comparing prices of different brands of yogurt, and wandering through housewares looking at all the appliances I don't have and don't really need. When I come home, blissed out at this time to myself, my husband will hand me a child and say, "Well THAT took longer than usual." Yes dear, it did.

In any case, as I shopped, my 2 year old fell of the cart and bashed her leg, she plucked everything Disney Princess she could from the shelves and the baby sucked up a whole new generation of germs from the handle in the cart while bababaBAHING me every few minutes to let me know her displeasure. They were angels, but it was still hard to get through my list.

I loaded everything in the car, took them to McDonald's for lunch, put them down for nap and unloaded the groceries. Then, last night at bedtime, I gasped out loud. "I left the cat food in the cart!" (We have three cats, this is not a small expense.) My husband rolled his eyes. He's used to this kind of behavior from me. "Call them tomorrow," he said, and "Are you sure?" I was sure! I dug out my receipt and went to bed, shaking my head at my inorganization.

This morning I called Meijer, and the service desk lady said nothing had been turned in. I begged, "Is there nothing I can do? That's $10!!" "Talk to my manager," she said. He said he'd look into it, but most likely someone had walked off with it.

Walked off with a 20 pound bag of catfood? Someone else crazy enough to have 3 cats?

We left it that he'd call me back.

A while later I went out to my van to fetch something, and there in the back?

The missing bag of cat food.

I humbly called Meijer back, explaining, and bearing the chuckle in their voice, and thankful I didn't get all high and mighty on them.

This may seem like one small story of forgetfullness, but this is my life. I have a serious short term memory problem. My keys are perpetually lost, I can't remember what people tell me 5 minutes after they tell it to me, I wake in the night remembering things I forgot to do. I have to chalk it up to almost 4 years without a good night's sleep, and 7 months of being woke every few hours. I hope it's not permanent.

Maybe I need to add some brain food to my diet, or buy some ginsing.

Then again, I'd probably bring it home and forgot I bought it, then call the store to complain.

On the bright side, when I put on my coat to go out to the van? I found my car keys in the pocket.


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