December 19, 2005

Stuff the Cat Dragged In

The Official Damage:

3 pounds gained on my little spree. No more messing around. I think that if I try really, really hard, I can have that off by Monday and get back to where I was, but I'm sure that all the yummy food we'll have around on Christmas is not going to help!

Tyra in a Fat Suit

I gave my two cents about this not too long ago, but Pound does it so much better here.

The Big Yellow Ball

Back in October, looking through a Christmas toy catalog, Sassafrass came across the Gigaball (watch the video, it is way cute), and never looked back. Since then, if you ask her what she wants for Christmas, she'll say, "A BIG yellow ball." We wrote a letter to Santa, climbed up on his lap and asked him for it in person (well, she did anyway), and she is anxiously awaiting its arrival. She still won't give me any other ideas. ("All I want is that big yellow ball, Mama," she'll say firmly.) But fortunately for me, I am her Mommy, and know what she likes.

In any case, lately she's been talking more and more about the big yellow ball, as Christmas approaches and she get more excited. Suddenly, it is as big as a house, with two doors (it does have two holes to climb in), and big enough for all of us to climb inside, and possibly cook dinner in.


Hopefully, Christmas morning, when she wakes up to see this 49 inch diameter big yellow ball rolling around in the living room, it will be everything she wanted Santa to bring, and more.

On another note, she was left somewhat unsupervised while I fed Party Girl and put her down for her nap this morning and she found a box with their stocking stuffers in it. In it was a Dimple Doll for each of them, and some Disney Princess odds and ends for Sass, plus, a couple of board books. I was really more disappointed than I should have been that she found them. I wanted the stockings to be from Santa, but as my husband put it, "Santa doesn't have to get all the credit!"

And Speaking of My Husband

He looked just a little too cheerful heading off to work today. When I asked him if he was looking forward to going back, I may have heard him chuckle a little under his breath. If he were a dwarf, he may have been whistling. Hi ho, hi ho, honeybuns.


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