March 14, 2006

3 Truths and a Lie

Edited to add: You can find the answer in the comments section today!

Courtesy of Holly and Cmhl...Can you guess which one is the lie?

1. On a road trip to a concert, I once "hi-jacked" a Ben and Jerry's truck by holding up a sign that said "Give up your ice cream" to the driver as we passed the truck. He pulled of at a rest area and gave us all a free ice cream bar and let us take our picture with him.

2. At my June wedding, all of my and my husband's attendants were related to us. We danced to a punk version of "At Last" and honeymooned in Colorado. Surprisingly, our head table's centerpiece was a 16x20 picture of me sitting on the potty at age 3, which two friends had stolen from my mom and threatened me with for years.

3. At a good friends college graduation party, I fell by the campfire, breaking my ankle in 3 places. I slept in the tent all night, and when I walked on it in the morning, I threw up from the pain. Her parents gave me a first aid kit at my wedding shower a few years later, complete with a pint of Blackberry Brandy for "medicinal purposes only."

4. When I was 10 and living in the rural part of a popular resort town, a prisoner broke out of the local jail. He walked through town and through the woods and up into our backyard. He stole our car, which had the keys in the ignition, which was parked next to our suburban that also had the keys in the ignition. My parents had a discussion about what could happen if they kept leaving their keys in the car at about the same time the car was stolen, and in fact heard a horn honk, which was probably done by the prisoner pushing the car down the driveway, roughly they same time as they were talking about it. don't get to play, you've known me to long!


Blogger Christi Nielsen said...

okay - how 'bout #2?

March 14, 2006 11:43 AM  
Blogger Denise said...


March 14, 2006 3:29 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

I'm not playing, but this is pretty funny because they're all plausible. Including the lie!

March 14, 2006 6:51 PM  
Blogger sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

I would say number 4 is the lie! Who is right? This is fun. I might have to try it!!!

March 15, 2006 10:11 AM  
Blogger Her Grace said...

Number 2 is the lie! We were married in July, honeymooned on a cruise to Mexico, and our attendents were both family and friends. (Margaret was my maid of honor!) I did receive the 16x20 photo, but as a wedding gift the following day, not as a centerpiece, thank goodness!

March 15, 2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger gibby23roar84 said...

Damn--I looked too late--but I was going to vote for #2. :-)

March 19, 2006 12:59 PM  

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