March 17, 2006

Leslie, I Haven't Forgotten You!

I've been meaning to do a post on Leslie Sansone's new 5 Mile Advanced Walk. I got a copy of the DVD recently and have been looking forward to using it. It has a 5 mile walk or 3 different three mile walks.

Due to shin splints leftover from my ugly run the other day and some general overall slackerhood, I've only done it one time, which is not enough to render my purely unprofessional opinion.

Soon...soon..I promise.

In other news, I had no more than cleaned the vaporizers and put them away (or cleaned them and set them by the stairs -- to someday be carried up and put into the closet -- our own personal version of putting things away around here) than Party Girl's nose starting running.

"She's teething!" I proclaimed hopefully.

Then it started running green, and yellow, and the sneezing commenced and we are right back to square 1 -- I've got kleenex stuffed up my sleeve and I'm prepared to use it.


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