April 22, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

Me to my husband:

The dishwasher was on fire today.


Well, smoking anyway.


It's working now.

That's good. You know, you really need to scrape all the food off the dishes before you put them in.

(blank stare)

Me to my stepdad:

Not much going on here. The dishwasher was smoking this morning, so that was kind of interesting.


Yep. It's working fine now thought.

Do you make sure your dishes are really scraped good before putting them in?

(crickets chirping)

Me to my dad:

Do you know anything about dishwashers? Because ours is on fire.

Fire? (I have a tendancy toward hyperbole.)

Well, smoking. Anyway, know anything about dishwashers?

I know you have to make sure your plates are clean before you put them in.


So internet, I dare you. Tell your husbands, your fathers, your brothers, your best friend's boyfriend..anyone male...anyone.

Tell them your dishwasher is broken.

Don't remind them that you do the dishes 25 times a week. That you have used your dishwasher every day since you purchased it 4 years ago. That it has never, EVER been on fire before.

I have a guess what their reply will be....

(Oh, and make sure you scrape your dishes.)


Blogger *the sweetest sin* said...

How ironic... you have to WASH your dishes before you put them in the dish WASHER. I never understood the theory behind that one.

April 23, 2006 12:37 AM  

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