June 10, 2006

A Dog Named Bindo

Five little hot dogs cooking in a pan,
The grease got hot and one went BAM!

We're on a road trip to a friend's birthday party an hour away. I started singing this little rhyme to distract the girls and they thought it was hilarious. It is now, however, 15 rounds in and Sass and I are frankly a little tired of it. Whenever we start to sing something else, though, Party Girl shouts "Nonono! BAH!" She demands we sing it again, and so we do.

The girls are incredible in the car, they really are. Party Girl sits pleasantly in her seat, watching the world whizzing by her. She chatters and talks and shouts "Bus!" whenever we pass anything bigger than a pickup truck and only occasionally gets fussy enough to need a toy -- of which I've packed plenty. Sass comments on trucks and cars and cows and clouds and planes. Today as we neared an exit we planned to take to get some gas, we passed a large hand-painted sign that said "Fuel Point." A little closer to the exit was an ancient truck with a huge yellow arrow painted on it pointing to the exit. When we pulled into the service station, we were faced with a huge convoy of military vehicles. C-R-E-E-P-Y. In a way I can't put into words. Sure, they were just on a trip to the encampment upstate, but still it gave me the shivers.

In any case, we were singing along and we were tired of singing but Party Girl would not release us from her mind-control, so I dug around in the side door a little and pulled out a Little People CD. I have no idea where it came from and didn't care. I popped it in and soon the van was filled with cute little voices and the girls were mesmerized. We sang a rousing version of "Alice the Camel" and an apparently adapted counting-type version of "The Muffin Man." Then we got to "5 Little Monkeys" and really got into it. Whenever we came to the "no more monkeys" part, I'd shake my finger at the girls in the backseat and we'd all shout "NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!" Party Girl just lost her mind and we had to hit repeat about 20 times and she'd shake her hands and yell "BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH!" which was close enough for me. I passed another car while we were doing this and when I pulled in front of him he flashed his brights at me. I wonder now if he thought I was chewing him out when I was shaking my finger. Hmm.

Both girls have been brought up dancing. M has a collection of well over 1000 cds and with the exception of most country music (he does have some of the classic country artists), if you want to hear it, it's in there. I'm going to walk over to his collection right now and randomly pick 5 CDs:

1. Supergrass
2. Lauren Hill
3. The Mekons
4. The Who
5. Sade

Before the girls, he used to listen to CDs every night after work as we settled into our evening. Now they join him in this and he's been dancing with both of them since they were very young. They've been listening to whatever he's been listening to from day one, and if we do have kids music in the player he tries to choose well. They have their own collection (of course!) and in it is Dan Zanes, Jack Johnson, this (I used to play this CD for Sass as I was nursing her down and track number 4 brought me to tears every day.). We've got the Sesame Street Platinum collection, two They Might Be Giants CDs (No! and Here Come the ABCs), the score from Sleeping Beauty, and this, which I really think was more for him, but they like it too. We've got a lot of other stuff, but considering the huge collection of Raffi and Greg and Steve I had when I was teaching (which belonged to the district, so I no longer have), we don't have a lot of "kid's" music around here.

Sass's favorite song right now is Nelly the Elephant by Toy Dolls. She knows every word:

To Bombay
A traveling circus came
They brought an intelligent elephant
and Nellie was her name

One dark night she slipped her iron chain,
and off she ran to Hindustan and was never seen again

Her second favorite is an Irish drinking song some punk band does. Both songs have quiet music followed by a lot of jumping around, which I think is the draw. In any case, Nelly has been a favorite for a very long time, replacing her first favorite which was Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crow. We listened to this one song in the car for two summers in a row and when we finally got it out of the CD player, we vowed to never put it in again.

So imagine my surprise today when, after about a half hour of listening to the Little People CD, Sass piped up and said:

"Mama? I think I love this music more than I love Nelly the Elephant!"

I sat there trying to figure out a way to break it to M that we're going to be listening to Little People for the rest of the summer. That and signing about hot dogs in a pan.

And from the backseat came Sass, singing along:

"Farmer Jed had a dog and Bingo was it's name-o! B-I-N-D-O! B-I-N-D-O! B-I-N-D-O! And Bingo was it's name-o!"

He's going to be thrilled.

In other news, I'm starting a 60 day self-imposed bootcamp on Monday. Moxie invited her readers to join a T-Tapp contest with her, and I've decided to unofficially join her and make it my own personal bootcamp as well. Read all about it here.


Blogger Margaret said...

Your blog seems to be behaving better. Glad you got it fixed!

I remember dancing around your living room with Sass one night to the Elephant song. We had to take big slow steps during the slow part and then go crazy during the faster parts. I think the dance sells the music.

June 10, 2006 10:29 PM  
Blogger Moxie said...

Why do they always like the really awful music? It drives me nuts.

I'm all geared up to take photos and do measurements later today.

June 12, 2006 12:24 PM  

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