July 04, 2006

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

At bedtime tonight, Sass and I lied in her bed having an utterly enjoyable conversation.

She loves to hear stories about her life, things we've done that she may or may not remember. Tonight we were talking about her room and I was telling her all the things we did to get it ready for her. I told her about her dad scraping, sanding, and painting the plaster walls, and when she asked why the ceiling "still looked cracked" I explained to her about moulding and made a mental note to tell M that we really needed to get that up already because it's only been a year and a half. I told her about the pictures Aunt Marnie gave her for Christmas, and the drapes her grandma made for her, the doll her other grandma brought her back from Russia. Then she looked up over the head of her bed at her Disney Princess poster.

"I want to take that down," she said.

"Oh?" I replied.

"Yes, I don't want it there anymore," she said, pulling at the tape.

"Ok. You don't like princesses anymore?" I asked.

"No. I do, but not really. I like something different now."

I silently gave myself a high-five. We've been filling her time with gardening, the park, the zoo. I casually introduced letters a few months ago, but dropped them when she didn't show any interest. Lately though, she's been asking about them and we've been having lots of "What letter does (insert any object visible in our home here) start with?" sort of talks. We've been having some deep conversations about where our produce comes from, why the grass seed we spread will turn into grass, and why we could see the moon through the fireworks last night. She's curious, my big girl and she's getting more curious about the big stuff every day. There's way too much going on in her young mind to fill it up with fluff like princesses, I told myself.

So I waited with bated breath. What did she like now? What would take the coveted place of princesses in her life? Did she want to be a zookeeper? Was it trains (we just got one at a garage sale)? Botany? Cellular biology? Quantum physics??

"Now I like...." she stated proudly, "Spiderman!"


Blogger Margaret said...

Hilarious. I've got a Spiderman poster right and ready for her.

Sass and I had a deep conversation about how boys and girls can like the same things (although she highly doubts any boys like princesses). It was a very cutre conversation... she really thought hard about it.

July 05, 2006 7:44 AM  

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