August 31, 2006

August Perfect Post Awards

It's that time of the month again. No not that time of the month (though that would explain why I ate two candy bars and read a People magazine instead of doing dishes after lunch), time to award someone with the Perfect Post Award!

This month I chose Margaret for her post about "her old dreams and her new dreams shaking hands."

I love this post for a lot of reasons. I love the idea of her childhood dream of owning a horse finding its way into her very current dream of being a mother. I also think that the theme of disappointment and renewal is very important.

Margaret wrote:

By my birthday in early fall I had convinced myself that my parents had
bought Ashes for me. What's more, I was certain that I would wake up on my
birthday to find Ashes tied to the maple tree in the backyard. Needless to say,
that didn't happen. It was the single most disappointing moment of my childhood.
I was crestfallen.

Margaret recently suffered what I would guess was the most devastating disappointment of her adult life -- the loss of Peanut. But with shoulders steeled, she's marched on. Later in her post she wrote about a pillow her parents had given her (instead of the coveted Ashes) and how she had to put it away because her disappointment ran so deep. I've never asked her, but I imagine that Margaret would some days liked to have take her grief over losing Peanut and stuck it in a closet like that horse pillow and not look at it again.

Recently she decided to redo her future child's room. She dove into an adorable western theme and low and behold, the horse pillow -- no longer a symbol of pain and disappointment -- found a home. I know that Margaret never will stop missing Peanut or considering him her son, but I think her strong spirit has allowed her to start remembering him for everything good he gave her -- an incredible summer, a child's love, the name Mama, and the knowledge that older child adoption is a perfect fit for her -- and those good things will stay with her forever.

Finally, I love one more thing about this post. (You all left me up there at the link to her blog, didn't you? No one's even reading this, because Margaret's post is so good you've gone on to her archives and why am I even still talking??) I love her line: reminds me of my biggest passion as a young girl. It reintroduced me to

She's already discovered one of the biggest joys of parenting -- discovering yourself and the world all over again. Margaret's going to be an awesome mother, I can hardly wait.

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Blogger Margaret said...

Crying. I'll post a better comment later. For now... thank you.

August 31, 2006 10:47 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

I think it is so wonderful you have been lifelong friends! That doesn't happen much anymore. Congratulations to you both for having such a good friend!

September 01, 2006 8:21 AM  

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