August 01, 2006

Perfect Post Award -- July

Check out Suburban Turmoil and MommaK for this month's Perfect Post Awards. I've been looking these over for a while now, but when I read Karen's post about The Mom Precipice, I immediately emailed Lucinda to tell her I wanted to nominate Karen. Lucinda emailed me back, told me to settle down, and sent instructions on how to nominate her at the end of the month.


My favorite line from this post is this:

I never imagined that hope can have other soil.

This line makes me think of my wonderful friend. If anyone has found that hope can be found in more places than we every dreamed it could be, it's Margaret. In the last two years, she's planted her hope in many different gardens and when those tender patches have failed to grow, she's picked up and planted again. Maybe she too never imagined that hope can have other soil, but she's learning, and she never quits hoping.

I remember standing at my own Mom Precipice, newly and surprisingly pregnant after a year and a half of trying. I remember it felt like I was standing on the edge of a whole new world. It never left my mind that I could be yanked back into that world of trying and failing, but to finally see those two pink lines, to finally be able to open up the door to the nursery that had been shut tight for months on end, to finally fling open the doors of my heart and hope for my dream to finally come through -- it was awesome.

Like Karen says:

It's a wondrous thing, when your life unfurls again, when you can stretch
your arms open to welcome a new day.

Here's to life unfurling, and here's to a beautiful new day.


Blogger Margaret said...

That was a beautiful post on The N.O. Good choice for a nominee. And thanks for the kind words... I've been a little overwhelmed with kind words this week.

August 01, 2006 10:33 PM  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Karen is awaesome, isn't she? I'm so glad to see Maya Papaya's face finally!

August 04, 2006 9:30 PM  

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