September 16, 2006

Little Girls, Big Ideas

Today we went to an event in the park that my mom was a part of. When we left, she walked us the three blocks back to our car, and we passed her own car on the way. I strapped Sass in and she opened the door to put Party Girl in her car seat. PG arched her back and wailed, unusual behavior for her. My mom tried again, but again she flailed and grasped at my mom to keep from being put down.

My mom closed the van door, PG smiled. My mom opened it, she cried. Closed, smile. Open, cry.

"I think I'll just take her with me," my mom said. She has a carseat in her car and was coming back to our house anyway.

I got Sass settled and started driving. We soon passed them walking on the sidewalk, so I pulled over to get smile from Party Girl.

"Bye. Mama. Bye. Hassie." She said, waving at us. Leave me to my grandma time.

We drove off, and my mom strapped her in. As soon as she was settled, Party Girl said with confidence, "Ok."

The kid had a plan all along, she was going with Grandma and that was it. I've never seen her do anything like it. She ended up getting to go to Grandma's for the afternoon. Poor Sass -- dates with Grandma were the last frontier left undiscovered by PG. I made it up to her by taking her to the park, just her and I.

On the way there, she asked when it would be Christmas (thanks early marketing ploys), and her birthday. I went through the months talking about fall and how the weather will change and birthdays and holidays that come along and pretty soon we were right back to September again.

"Why do things change so fast, Mama?" If I only knew.

"That's just the way life is, Sass. We keep on moving forward and changing and growing all the time."

"Yep, forward, forward, forward. And never backward, right Mom?"

She's always doing this, punching me in the gut with a life lesson, reminding me with a simple, profound, off-hand comment the kinds of things I should be teaching her. Time moves forward, never back. I could feel sad about that, and sometimes I do. But on a beautiful fall day with my girl growing up before my eyes, all I can think to do is celebrate the amazing kid she's becoming.


Blogger Margaret said...

Party Girl has always known what she wanted. Now she's learning how to express it. And that older girl of yours. She's going to be a philosopher or other great thinker. Maybe (be still my heart) she'll be a writer!

September 16, 2006 11:00 PM  

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