October 12, 2006

Thoughts On Lost

For Moxie. Though she has way more readers over at her blog who are watching the show, so click over there for a more thorough discussion!

What we now know:

1. Ben's been on the island "his whole life." Was he a child of Dharma? Is he an experiment gone wrong? He seemed to be softening up a little at the end, until Jack wouldn't shake with him and his face got that creepy NotHenry look again. "I will take you home." So Ben goes home sometimes too, you think? The Red Sox thing was hilarious, but a bit over done.

(I'm still trying to figure out the division in the group of the others. The woman on the boat told Sun she wasn't the enemy (though she probably is now.) Yet we were led to believe Alex was a "good guy" but she's sneaking around in the bushes. Ben seems bad, Juliette seems good, yet they're on the same side. )

2. Sun DID sleep with Jae. Didn't we think at the end of last season that she didn't and that the baby was a miracle of the island? I need to get a season 2 DVD to help me remember some of these things. Also, could you stay with your husband if you knew he killed your lover? (I realize he didn't, but Sun believes he did, doesn't she?)

3. Jin understands English. I knew it! Only last season I thought it would turn out that he could speak it as well.

4. Sawyer tastes like fish biscuit. (And for the record, Sawyer used to bug me almost as much as Jack, but this inner struggle he's having between tough guy and protecter is really endearing. I'm so glad they didn't lock Kate up with Jack instead.)

Next week -- Eko! And some sort of growly monster! (A polar bear? The iron giant that really isn't an iron giant?) I think all they're going to do on this 6 week arc is take care of what happened to everyone after the rescue attempt/explosion of last season's finale and we won't see any real progress on the story line until January.

I'm not feeling this season so far. It feels muddy and I'm often confused. Or maybe that's just me. But I'll keep watching, because I know how good it got last season and I think it will get there again.


Blogger Lauren said...

I am with you pretty much. I can't wait until it goes somewhere so that I don't have to feel like an idiot for not getting it all the time.

October 12, 2006 11:44 AM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

I think that Alex is going to help the Losties (go against the Others); I think that Juliet might turn against Ben. Otherwise, I'm not so interested in the Others. They need to get on top of explaining to us a little of what's going on there.

October 12, 2006 2:38 PM  

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