February 16, 2006


So I bought one of those magazines. The ones with an incredibly fit, gorgeous woman on the front with a body that you just dream of having and huge headlines telling you that you too can look like this if you just buy this magazine.

I don't usually buy these, because they fall into the category of Old Dieting Habits That Didn't Work. I'd put loads of money into magazines and read them while snarfing down my Little Debbie's.

But this one was solely dedicated to fat loss. As an additional bonus, the amazingly lean woman on the front used to weigh 198 pounds! And they had pictures to prove it! And so I was sold.

Of course the first 10 pages were ads for things with names like BurnFat Optima, and FatGo Plus. But then the articles began. There was really a lot of good information, and I'm going to list here the things I'm going to add to my diet or exercise programs. Some of the information I already knew, some I knew but didn't know the why behind, and some was news to me!

  • Eat lean protein at every meal and snack. I knew that protein was important, but they explain that eating protein actually speeds metabolism just in the way it is digested. It's also very important if you are incorporating strength training, to repair your muscles. I'll put it in at every meal, but at snacks too might be a stretch.
  • Strength training. They say it's a must. Almost as important as cardio if you are looking for serious fat loss, which, ummm...I'm seriously looking for, that's for sure! I plan to build in 2 days a week strength training right away and to build up to 4. For quick weight loss, they suggested working out mainly the large muscle groups (legs and butt) because they use the most energy and not spending a lot of time targeting problem areas at first.
  • Interval Training: I've heard this recently, but they really push this. The word on the street is that 30 minutes of intense interval training beats 60 minutes regular cardio any day. I don't know that I can interval train in my living room, with the little people playing at my feet. I want to add this in, but it may have to wait until spring when I can get outside and run.
  • Apples. Yep, apples. They say eat three a day, one before each meal. The pectin makes you feel less hungry right away and controls your hunger for 3-4 hours (yeah, I didn't believe it either!) I can do apples. Apples are a cinch!
  • Sleep. You'll slow your metabolism down if you don't. Tell that to my kids. "Honey, Mommy's metabolism is slowing down AS WE SPEAK. Please go back to bed now."
  • 5 Meals a Day: Usually diet mags say 6, but they said that for women, 5 was usually better. (No bedtime snack..drat). Keeping the insulin level steady was important to losing fat. I already pretty much do 5 meals, so no problemo.

I'm not sure how to go about working in more exercise time. My 45 minute AM cardio already tests the patience of the girls. I'm usually doing a cool down holding one as it is.

Anyway, there's the information. Take it, leave it, sell it on ebay, it's up to you!

Oh, and one question. During my 3 mile walking tape, I've been trying to step it up and jog in place a little. When I've jogged in the past, I've always had a lot of trouble with what I think are shin splints -- pain in the front of my calves. With just the little bit of jogging I've tried, I can feel pain there already. Does anyone have any exercises or advice about this before I head out and start training for the 5K?


Anonymous Ammon said...

Thanks for posting this. It's always so hard to know what's myth and fact about weight loss, but when you read it in a magazine with a hot woman on the cover, you KNOW it has to be true!

1. Protein: I know about the protein thing and swear by it. I eat protein at every meal and snack -- beef jerky, string cheese, and tons of chicken.

2. Strength Training: I know I should, but I don't like it!

3. Interval Training: What is that?

4. Apples: I eat lots of apples, and I think the magazine is wrong. They usually make me hungrier.

5. Sleep: Glorious sleep!

6. 5 Meals: I'm on board with that one, too.

February 16, 2006 10:19 PM  
Blogger sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

As far as your question about stepping it up in your 3 mile walking tape...you COULD try to add hand weights. Pumping your arms and doing arm stuff as you are walking will increase your heart rate and the number of calories you burn without putting undue strain on your shins or knees.

February 17, 2006 10:46 AM  
Blogger Her Grace said...


Thanks for the comment. The walking tapes actually alreaady use hand weights and have a lot of arm movement to boost your heartrate. Though they are marketed as "walking" they are actually low impact aerobics, with knee lifts, side steps, kicks, etc. They are awesome for me right now, but probably too easy for someone who's in really good shape!

February 17, 2006 11:04 AM  
Blogger sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

Well then you better do them now as they will be too easy for you before long! Keep up the good work!!!

One other thing...I learned in WEight watchers...take each day as a new day. Just because one day you don't feel well or miss doing your exercise or eat not very good - don't let that discourage you and make you "fall off the bandwagon" each day is a new day and just make a committment to do good THAT DAY. Before long, those days add up and affect you in a positive way. Just don't let a negative day discourage you!

February 18, 2006 12:08 AM  
Anonymous katrina said...

good stuff. Thanks for sharing that! I full agree with the protein.
But the apples? Hmm. Worth a shot. I do better with that in the fall, though.

February 19, 2006 1:50 PM  

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