April 20, 2006

Thank You Scale and Thank You Leslie Sansone

Mid-week weigh in: 2 pounds gone. Oh I know --it's a drop in a very large bucket, but it still made me very happy.

Yesterday I went for a run with the dog and left the kids home with M. I realize now that I was being way too hard on myself, because it was a good run. Apparently, pushing 20 pounds of stroller and 50 pounds of kid really adds a lot to a workout.

The dog and I went about two miles and it took about a half hour and never did I feel like I was going to pass out and be found hours later by my family panting in the street. I even sprinted across a 4-lane highway.

Sprinted may be an exaggeration.

I may have seen cars slowing down a half mile away in anticipation I might not make it across.

But I digress.

Our dog -- a yellow lab mix named JoJo -- loves to walk but doesn't get invited much anymore since she almost made me tip over the stroller trying to stop her from chasing a squirrel up a tree. So she was thrilled to go, but like me, she is desperately out of shape.

As we toodled along, she'd stop to smell the roses and I'd say Come on JoJo, let's GO. It really seemed to energize her, so I kept on talking to her. Move those feet, Jojo. Come on girl, you can do it. Thisaway -- a little farther. On one block, she seemed to be stopping to check out the scents more than usual and I said Come on girl! This is not a pleasure run! and I think I heard the garbage man across the street guffaw at my understatement.

Cheering on my dog (and myself) reminded me I hadn't written about Leslie Sansone's (Come on feet!) 5 Mile Advanced Walk yet. I got a copy of it a couple months ago and have really enjoyed it.

I am not a lover of workout tapes. I quickly get bored and they get shoved in the back of the cabinet to gather dust. So when I was still doing Leslie's routines months later, I was surprised. I looked forward to her 5 mile because I'd pretty much mastered her 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds video.

The 5 Mile DVD is pretty cool. It's chaptered, so you can do the entire 5 mile walk, or three different three mile walks. The walks are a lot faster than her other DVDs, 10 minute miles -- roughly -- instead of 15, so it's more intense. She also adds in some jogging, which really gets me huffing and puffing.

Two of the miles have added equipment. One has hand weights and the other has a stretchy band meant to trim your waistline and tone arms. Both of which you can purchase on her website. I used my own handweights, but didn't have anything to substitute for the stretchy band, though it looks like fun.

What I like about Leslie's stuff is that it's very versatile. I initially bought a set of tapes that included 1 mile, 2 mile, and 3 mile walks when I was pregnant. It was under $25 used, I believe, and I used that set for a long time. When I was ready for more, I bought her Walk and Jog, which is a 30 minute/2 mile workout with interval training for added intensity. When I got her 5 Mile, I knew I'd completed my collection.

I also like that even someone like me -- who hadn't exercised in years and who is extremely overweight -- had no trouble getting started.

I know that had I not been working out all winter, I'd be starting from scratch this spring. And I know that I stuck to my workouts because I was determined and because I liked them so much.

So tomorrow I'm off to run again, because being a runner is back in my sights. Maybe not by June 4, but someday...someday.


Blogger Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

First: you need a stretchy band, I have about 14 dozen from various purchased workouts. You can come over and make your selection anytime....secondly: you were RUNNING!! It counts...so don't cheapen your efforts. I bet JoJo was psyched..maybe if she keeps going with you, you won't have to cringe when she gets on the scale at her doctor's office...CONGRATS!! Two pounds is two pounds, is two pounds, no matter how you slice it.

April 20, 2006 12:29 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Running is a big step (literally!), so congratulations to you! Also, I'm a big fan of Leslie Sansone, too. I haven't used any of them in probably a year, but I really love the Walk and Jog and Walk and Box DVDs because they are great interval training without leaving me feeling like I want to die.

April 20, 2006 1:52 PM  
Blogger Moxie said...

I'd like to point out that you are running as far as I am currently (2 miles) and yet my 5K is in 14 days and yours is in 5 weeks. You definitely need to cut yourself a break. I don't think I'd make it around the block with my two (67 pounds combined weight) in the 25-pound stroller.

I'm more in love with T-Tapp than I can express to you. Have you checked out the free exercises one the website? I've started doing Organs In Place and Half Frogs before I do the 15-minute DVD. It's adding another level of challenge (the odd thing is that it's getting harder as I go, like it gets more difficult once you develop the muscles and get better form) and I can feel all my muscles now, even the teeny ones.

April 23, 2006 12:48 AM  
Blogger Her Grace said...

Jenn - I'll take that stretchy band! And thanks for the encouragement.

Denise -- I never tried any of Leslie's DVDs with boxing. Are they pretty good?

Moxie -- Please understand I am not running the whole 2 miles! I'm doing the Couch to 5K plan, so I run 1 minute and walk for 90 seconds. I do that for 20 minutes in one direction, then turn around and come home.

I looked at the T-Tapp website and am intrigued (but broke!) I started doing the Hoedowns and may try some of the other free exercises. I'm even more intrigued hearing that you like them!

April 23, 2006 9:31 AM  

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